Meet the Team!

Kristian Fearnley – Started diving in his early teens, with the dream of an underwater career. A few weeks after turning 18 years old, Kristian started training for commercial diving and started to work as a commercial diver, working a variety of jobs including: concreting, recovery and burning. Whilst still a teenager Kristian was certified as a full cave diver and technical diver. His passion lead to founding his own scuba diving school and club – Sub-Surface Central. He has been recently appointed as NASE Worldwide regional training director for the UK. Kristian is not only the youngest instructor trainer but also the youngest regional training director in the world, at 21 years old.
Kristian has been on lots of dives but his favorite dive was his first ever try dive in a swimming pool at Centre Parks, as he says “The very first time you breath underwater is a completely life changing and unforgettable experience” Recently he has been diving caves of Mexico and Florida. You can follow Kristian on Facebook through the company account Sub-Surface Central (SSC)